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Employee Spotlight: Alexander Lahargoue

By December 23, 20193 min read

Happy Holidays from Alexander Lahargoue, our content and marketing strategist! Alexander has been with the Social Assurance team since 2016 and is currently basking in the joy of his favorite holiday season. Learn more about him below!

What is your favorite holiday?

“Christmas, far and away, is the most important holiday for my family. Apart from enjoying the quality time we spend together, we really, really enjoy decorating. We start as we are cleaning up the kitchen after Thanksgiving and it usually takes three to four full days to finish!”

What’s your favorite social media channel?

“YouTube – it’s a fun and easy to share videos with my family and friends!’

What’s a fun fact about you?

“I was 24 years old the first time I tried macaroni and cheese. I would recommend.”

What’s your earliest memory of banking?

“One of my earliest memories of going to a bank was when I was six years old. My parents were moving to a new house and they took me with them to meet the banker. I remember it vividly because they were talking about different financial things and it was the first time that I heard people talk and didn’t understand what they were saying.”

What is your role at Social Assurance and what do you like most about your job?

“At Social Assurance, I am the content and marketing strategist. This means that I assist with a variety of internal and external marketing projects. I also help develop monthly webinars, weekly blogs, and mentor the content interns. I’m also currently managing our listings and reviews service. My favorite thing about my job is the opportunity I have to problem solve and think creatively. While there is some routine in what I do, it’s a fun challenge to think of new ways to produce unique content to help our clients excel.”

How do you stay up on current trends in the marketing and social media world?

“Marketing is always evolving, so I try to stay current any way that I can. I have accounts on all social media sites to keep up with trends. I also subscribe to different content blogs to learn new tips and attend conferences to hone my understanding of best practices.”

What are you passionate about?

“I am really passionate about trying new things in life. I’ve lived in six different states, earned my master’s degree, written a book, obtained my motorcycle license, studied French and been abroad a few times. I also enjoy taking on new challenges at work.”

What do you think will be the biggest marketing or social media trend to hit the financial industry in 2020?

“Next year, we’ll see a greater focus on incorporating data to craft social and digital campaigns. Now that a lot of our clients have become more established, the next focus will be to increase the value of different marketing activities. Learning how to leverage data will determine how well some clients grow.”

Do you have a content, listing or food recommendation for Alexander? Reach out to him at