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Auld Lang Syne and Social Media

By December 31, 20142 min read



Tonight you may sing, or at least listen to the familiar New Year’s Eve tune “Auld Lang Syne” meaning, “long long ago”. In this social media-driven world, just what is long long ago? What is important for social media marketers is the habits they form. Because these traditions are born from habits that are celebrated.

  • 1996: Nokia released the 9000 phone with a QWERTY keyboard. Two-thirds of Americans own smartphones and worldwide there are more than 1.75 billion smartphone users. Those users have a constant connection to the Internet.
    Tip: Don’t direct them to your website later, send them something now.
  • 1997: First camera phone developed. Nearly every mobile phone on the market is capable of capturing a picture and sending it.
    Tip: Taking pictures is not special anymore. Your brand needs to update photos regularly.
  • Myspace founded August 2003.
    Tip: Make sure you address multiple platforms with your social strategy.
  • Facebook Launched, February, 2004.
    Tip: Life changes on Facebook. Facebook now defines “in a relationship”, “friends” and some of the most meaningful life changes. Share these experiences with your clients as you would a friend.
  • Twitter launches 2006.
    Tip: Don’t overcomplicate interactions. Attention spans are shrinking, keep it short.
  • Instagram Founded, March 2010.
    Tip: Move fast when updating pictures and keep them mobile and relevant. Instagram showed us that people want to upload quickly.

While your social media traditions may not date back to the 1700s like Auld Lang Syne, being conscious of those areas where social media becomes tradition will help your company to avoid stagnating.