Be Social at a Distance

Being social is who we are. During this time, we’re encouraging and supporting our financial partners to Be Social at a Distance. See our educational resources for marketing, sales and community tips.

We also encourage you to continue to support your communities. During this time, all profits from our online store will be divided to support the Food Bank of Lincoln and Feeding America.

Social Assurance is proud to partner with more than 1,500 community financial organizations.


Our goal is to help you market, sell, and develop your community with confidence.


Manage Your Marketing

Simplify monitoring and approval processes for content, campaigns and advertising.


Simplify Social Selling

Humanize the sales process with branded professional profiles and training support.


Ignite Your Community

Track and report on philanthropy, volunteer activities, loans and investments for CRA.


We provide monthly webinars and blogs to help you keep up with the latest marketing, sales and community news.

Upcoming Webinar

Helping with Lending at a Time of Crisis

Marketing product offerings during a crisis is one of the most sensitive and difficult tasks to support. Mark your calendars for Tuesday, March 31 at 10:30 a.m. CDT as we discuss how your lenders can embrace empathy and facts, focus on what is needed and more.


Marketing in Crisis: Find Your Identity

Marketing strategies change when a crisis hits. Learn how your business identity can help support your customers and communities during uncertain times.

Start collaborating faster and easier with compliant workflows built around your needs.