Your Best Social Promoters? Your Customers.

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So here is something we all know, getting engagement on a bank or credit union’s Facebook page is hard. Even if you are rocking it with page likes, getting those like and comment clicks is still extremely difficult.

People just don’t get excited about a bank like they do for a brand like Skittles. After all, who wouldn’t be eager to share and like stories about candy? But I digress.

Banking and credit union marketing teams invest lots of energy, time and money in trying to figure out how to achieve the highest levels of social engagement.

But here is the deal, one of the best ways to get engagement is to let someone else help you out. Someone who isn’t paid and posts cute pictures of puppies, kittens, colorful memes and babies on their page…..your customers. And since we’re marketing more than tasting rainbows, we need to take advantage of any organic social traffic opportunities.

Last month, a perfect example came through my Facebook newsfeed. My friend had just closed on a new house, and graciously made a Facebook post (of a Snapchat screenshot) giving her community bank some love. Her post garnered 60 likes and 18 comments. That’s pretty good considering this bank’s own posts average 1-2 likes and few comments.


While this type of organic posting is awesome, it has the potential to be even better and achieve an even greater social reach.

Here are a few tips on how your customers can share the exciting news of a new home purchase (or anything else) while helping you promote and increase your brand’s engagement numbers:

  1. Ask for a social tag. Encourage your customers to post and tag your branch (Maybe offer them a gift for social sharing).
  2. Get social. Ask your loan officers to connect with their clients on social networks. If they are comfortable, encourage them to follow them on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn. All loan officers should have both a professional and a personal profile to ensure they are sharing the right content with the right people.
  3. Remember their real estate agent. Encourage them to tag their real estate agent too. Perhaps some of their friends are interested in investing in a new home, encourage the customer to tag them too.
  4. Update your locations. Ensure each of your branches have Facebook locations. They can’t pin their location if it doesn’t exist on Facebook.
  5. Give your customers a photo opp. Stage a fun sign or cut out in your closing room about their closing with your branding on. This will encourage the idea for a social share and ensure that your bank is getting a promotion when the buyer shares their latest purchase with their friends.
  6. Cover your social bases. While Facebook is the social media leader, some people prefer to share on other social networks as well. Don’t forget about Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat.