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A single platform that empowers financial institutions to create, manage and archive social, digital and traditional advertising. With a centralized command center that provides organizational administrators with the ability to manage social contributors, content, engagement, and mentions, your team can be assured that you maintain a compliant social presence and a Market with Confidence.



Process is the key to maintaining social strategy objectives and ensuring regulatory compliance. The Social Assurance platform provides financial brands with the tools needed create and manage the marketing process, from beginning to publication.

compliant process social assurance

Draft all created content within the Social Assurance platform.

compliant process social assurance

Approval processes, notifications and stops ensure all required review checkpoints.

compliant process social assurance

Scheduling tools provide for process and strategic marketing planning.

compliant process social assurance

Notifications, reporting and monitoring feeds provide the resources to manage all social activity.

compliant process social assurance

On-demand reporting tools provide information for reporting, reviews and audits.


compliant content social assurance


Leverage Social Assurance tools to create and manage all of your organization’s marketing content. Engaging content is a mix of posts, links, photos and videos that keep your messaging fresh. If your followers are not engaging in your posts, it will disappear from their feeds and their minds.

Within the Social Assurance platform, each financial client is provided with access to our content libraries with a variety of topics including financial, lifestyle and seasonal posts. This content can be used directly or for post inspiration.



Let Social Assurance’s team guide you with proven solutions and best practices for social and digital marketing including campaign design and management. Every successful social presence requires a thoroughly thought out and ever-changing social strategy to support its existence and growth. Social Assurance provides organizations with best practice guidance and support from page launch to ongoing social strategy management.

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