Shine from the Inside Out

You have your own rock stars! Highlight authentic personalities, showcase your employees in their element and share what makes them special.

Social is supposed to be…social.

– Keep your social sharing conversational while maintaining your brands mission and desired social voice and tone.

– Show there is a person behind your page and not a bot. Just like customers connect with your tellers and not your ATMs.

– Just pushing your message doesn’t work. Provide interesting and useful relatable content that drives engagement with connections and conversation.

Why do you choose to support a cause?

It is imperative to provide context for the difference your making in your communities by highlighting what drives your organization to support the cause.

  1. Set the stage for the contributions you make.
  2. Share the need in the community, highlight why it was an important cause for your organization to support.
  3. Follow up with the results of your efforts

Your audience is part of your story!

– Take interest in and share your customer, local small businesses and partner success stories.

– Sharing and integrating your connections with your employees and community helps build your brand, following and

– When you highlight your contributions to the community while sharing the stories of other individuals and organizations it makes your share a #humblebrag.

Grab a sticky note. Write down three words or phrases that represent your organization’s culture at its core. Those words should consistently be incorporated into your bank’s social and digital messaging.

Keep the sticky note by your desk to remind you as you create social content to stay true to those culture points!

Sticky Note Challenge


ICBA Director of Marketing Engagement, Carissa Hampton and Social Assurance Co-founder, Ben Pankonin sat down to discuss how community financial institutions can use social media and digital communications to tactfully and successfully share their stories and build community engagement.


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