We’ve covered the essential compliance areas for social media success.

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   What We Already Know

  • Working together is essential. It’s important to know who will be involved, what the project goals are and who is assigned a role in writing, designing and approving content.


  • Consider the project and timeline to clarify expectations and deadlines. Plan for the unexpected and make priorities to prevent any last minute decisions.


  • Avoid decision fatigue by determining which posts your compliance team needs to approve.

   What We Need to Know

  • Your post shouldn’t take users on a chase to give them the information you promised. Terms and conditions should be available within one click.


  • Banks are limited by a variety of different regulations in their online advertising depending on the product.


  • In general, the compliance process is the same across social platforms., so your processes should also be the same.

   What’s Changing

  • Rules, regulations and best practices are constantly changing! Stay updated by continuing your education on social media developments (e.g., Social Assurance blogs, webinars, etc.)


  • Develop responses for the new ways your customers are communicating — like messenger.

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