We want to know how your financial brand is currently managing social media during COVID-19.

Be Social at a Distance: Educational Resources

Being Social at a Distance is a change for many of us. We’ve gone from communicating directly with our customers and community partners to social and online communications. We’re here to support you during this time with educational resources.

Support Your Community

We’ve set up an online store to support local and national food banks. All profits from the store will benefit communities around the country to help with hunger relief.


Being Social at a Distance: Communicating COVID-19

Financial brands are in a key role to help communicate and support financial stability during COVID-19. This webinar covers how to communicate about marketing, sales and community during this time.

Jill Castilla: Leading a Community During Crisis

In this podcast-style webinar, Ben Pankonin and Jill Castilla discuss how she is leading Citizens Bank of Edmond while encouraging community banking and servant leadership through trying times.

Innovating at a Time of Crisis

Charles Potts, Senior VP/Chief Innovation Officer with ICBA, discusses the challenges of communication, technology and business development (specifically improving innovative culture) during the current crisis.

Get Started with Our Questionnaire

Download our sample questions and answers to help you get started on creating your content calendar using the L.O.C.A.L. approach. Your answers will help guide your social media and website content.

Go L.O.C.A.L. with Reese

Reese took a bit of a break, but she’s back with tips to help businesses and financial brands make it through the crisis.

L.O.C.A.L. Approach

Download our Being Social at a Distance Questionnaire to answer questions as they apply to the categories below. Your answer will help you build a content calendar on messaging for COVID-19.

  • Listen: We want to hear your challenges.
  • Operate: We will be operational and are prepared to serve.
  • Communicate: The center of our plan is helping create a financially stable community.
  • Assist: We will act on every opportunity to help restructure, refinance and rebuild.
  • Learn: We are committed to learn together — even at a distance — to be stronger every day.


You need a content plan.

This should be something:

  • Analyze Scheduled Content: Content you’ve planned may now be insensitive.
  • Create Templates for Daily Updates: Make it easy for your team to send out updates.
  • Consider Video Updates from President: A unique way to engage from your leadership.
  • Over Communicate to Your Communities: They’ll be online.


You need a sales plan.

Keeping up with volume:

  • Communicate processing times
  • Offer an online calendar for applicants to choose a time to speak on the phone with a lender
  • Write a pre-approved email to send to those who may be applying

How to Help Those in Need:

  • Get your leadership team involved in how you can help customers/communities
  • Communicate this to your audiences


You need a community plan.


  • Relief for small business owners.
  • Buying goods from them when applicable.
  • Donations (or matching donations from the community).


  • Visit them (#GoLocal).
  • Donations (or matching donations from the community).
  • Help them get the support they need (e.g., loans).



Marketing in Crisis: Find Your Identity

We are all struggling to find words (or the right words) for this unexpected situation. I’ve done it. I’ve sat down to watch the news to know what is going on and then have to transition to writing content, do a call or coach a team member and I find myself struggling for words this week.


Assuring Our Communities

We work with some of the most caring financial institutions in the country and quite honestly some of the most thoughtful, loyal and community-driven people. I sincerely believe it, and while staying positive can be challenging at times, I know these people can help drive community positivity.