Social Assurance Software Adapted for Use in Education Space

Social Assurance is excited to announce that their software, initially developed for the financial services space, is now being used by more than 9,000 students, teachers and administrators across the country through Class Intercom.

In 2017, Social Assurance saw an opportunity for educators to teach social responsibility and marketing by leveraging much of their existing social media software. Class Intercom was launched to provide schools with the tools they need to make student-driven social media a reality.

“We saw a great opportunity to work with students to develop important skills,” Ben Pankonin, co-founder of Class Intercom said. “We want to help students understand that they can have a positive impact and we want to help provide a positive alternative to what they’ve been told.”

Educators have been quick to jump on board by lobbying with their schools to make Class Intercom part of their curriculum. This led to exponential growth in 2018 — Class Intercom surpassed 100 schools before the school year and is now being used in 17 states.

“Class Intercom has helped us by providing an effective and efficient way for our students, and our students only to tell their high school story,” Clay Reisler, digital learning specialist with Pulski High School in Pulski, Wisconsin said. “Class Intercom allows everyone to have a voice. It allows students to be creative with text and graphics to promote our school while assisting students with critical thinking and creativity skills.”page2image5817504