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Work to Build Trust

Initiate Advertising

New Tactics for Growth

Step One: Work to Build Trust

You want to foster an online community where people connect with and recommend you.

You do this by diversifying your content — focus on thought leadership, relevant events (e.g., first time home buyers seminar), community/local content and product posts.

Make a connection. Demonstrate value. Be authentic.

Step Two: Initiate Advertising

Be relevant and clear in your posts — don’t trick people into clicking.

Are you new to social media? Start with a follower or like campaign so you can start growing your audience. You can specifically target the cities/towns you serve so your messages are being shown to the right leads.

Step Three: New Tactics for Growth

Go live on social media: Take your events and Q&As to the next level by using Facebook Live, Instagram Stories and Snapchat.

Run a contest: You can focus on a product like a home renovation photo contest (good for generating leads for home equity loans) or go broad with your campaign by having your audience comment on a post to win a prize.

Selling on social media isn’t easy. The focus must be on connecting with and growing your community.

Scale Your Community, Market with Confidence