Running Out of Fresh Content

Social media during the holidays is as creative and interesting as the desserts at holiday parties. But as the New Year passes, social media content can feel like the leftover crumbs and mystery cookies from a holiday plate. So how do you keep your content fresh and engaging?

Promote engagement: During the holidays social media runs rampant with contests, giveaways, and general excitement. But as the season comes to a close and New Years Eve excitement fades away, social media tends to slow or even come to a halt. Keep the momentum in your social media and your audience will remain engaged and interested. Feature employee New Years resolutions, invent your own contest, or recognize community events. Reach out, keep involved, and give back in your community and your audience will remain engaged and loyal.

Know where to find content: Many of our clients may not rely as much on our content suggestions during times when there are open houses and charitable events, but may rely more on outside help for slower months.

Keep it Fresh: Christmas music can help you get into the holiday spirit but hearing Jingle Bells every morning during your work communicate can grate on your nerves. Overused social media can have the same affect on your audience. Rather than copying and pasting links daily, give your viewers a better idea of your business and employees. Highlight community involvement and register your business as a recognizable part of your community. The New Year is a great time to make the resolution to keep your content is fresh and exciting.

Don’t Crumble Away: Back to that holiday cookie plate. It starts out with tasty snacks but after a while it disappears into crumbs. Your social media can suffer the same way without planning and thought. Don’t let the end of the season sneak up on you and your social media; look ahead and plan for the crumbly days. Transform them into a steady stream of tasty social media content that will keep your audience engaged year round.

The holidays are a hotbed of social media content but as the season fades away your social media can do the same. Keep your content relevant and engaging for your audience by spending some time to create a schedule and plan for your content. The better prepared you are for slow social media days, the better your content will be.

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