Reaping the Rewards of Social Media

Reaping the Rewards of Social Media

It’s fall and in our rural communities that means the farmers are working long hours in the fields for harvest. But when it comes to reaping rewards you aren’t only stuck out in the fields. Whether you experience harvest in the fields, your garden, or even at your local pumpkin patch, this is the time of year to reap the rewards of labor.

Strong social media can come from many of the same methods its takes to reap a successful and rewarding harvest. Apply these tactics to your social media plan and reap the rewards all year long!

Successful social media takes patience. Your company and customer base weren’t built in a single night and in much the same way, your social media presence must be built over time. Your customers know your company from visiting your business for their financial needs and by the level of customer service you provide. So, why shouldn’t your social media be a continuation of your in store customer service? At first it may seem awkward, having a social media presence for a company, rather than person to person contact. But if you have the patience to stick with social media your brand will seem all the more approachable to your customers.

Take the time to nurture your social media. Your social media presence is an absolute continuation of your in-store customer service, but social media, like your other online channels, keeps running. It may seem easy to put your company’s online presence to the back burner when business gets busy, but remember the power of the customer. Online reviews and comments can be unbelievably influential on other customers so be sure to take the time to reach out over social media.

Use the right equipment. Crops are most successful when planted with the correct equipment and tools. Likewise, your social media presence directly reflects the effort and tools you put into the task. Understanding the tools successful social media needs is half the battle, with implementing those tools being the second half. Some tools and apps take away the guesswork and extra time commitment social media can demand, but be sure you know your companies needs and wants before determining what tools are most effective for you.

Be prepared for setbacks. The growing season and harvest included come with their shares of setbacks, whether they are minor or major. Make sure your company has a plan when these setbacks arise, as the best angle to handle a setback from is preparedness. If you’re caught off guard it is generally evident to your customers. So have a Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, Plan D and more. It never hurts to prepare a little more than you think you may need.

Your social media can surpass your goals through the implementation of a successful social media plan. Take advantage of the opportunities that social media has to offer your company and reap the rewards.