Profile photo update

Facebook recently updated their platform to improve the readability of the comments section. As a part of the redesign, profile photos are now circular. The update is being released in roll out fashion, so there’s no specific time on when the transition will take place.

For individuals who have headshots as their profile photos, this update should not pose too much of an issue. But for businesses who have regulatory and compliance verbiage contained in their photo, it may be time to update their profile image.

For many financial institutions, parts of their logo may be cut off when the transition takes place, resulting in an incomplete logo or missing compliance verbiage. In order to maintain compliance, here are a couple of factors to consider as the profile photo shifts to a circular image:

Issue: Logo is cut off

Fix: You may need to shrink your logo in order to fit within the center of the circle of the profile photo. If you have a rectangular logo, it may be necessary to adjust it so that it works within the circular area by removing portions of text. If you have a style guide in place, please ensure that you are operating within the specifications of the branding guidelines.

Issue: Member FDIC is no longer visible.

Fix: Center the text you need near the bottom. Depending on how big it is, you may need to place it higher in the photo. 

While there are many design matters to consider when updating your profile photo, please be sure to consult with any branding guidelines you have before making any changes.



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