Establish and maintain a layered approval process so your organization can ensure that messaging…

Meets compliance regulations

Through our easy to use process, marketing and compliance departments can collaborate to quickly reach mutually beneficial outcomes.

Is consistent with branding

As you push and pull content through different platforms, ensure your messaging stays consistent with brand goals and guidelines.

Emphasizes brand strategies

Set marketing strategies as a team, then work together to reach those desired outcomes through our easy to use workflow.


The Social Assurance platform offers a structured, task-based and approval driven management tool that ensures all materials follow the appropriate channels prior to being published. Our tool provides the process base for your organization to:

  • Establish roles to secure access to social content creation and publishing.
  • Assign users one or multiple roles based on their approved access level.
  • Task-based approval workflow for all social publishing.
  • Resources for content design and planning.
  • Calendar scheduling tool for social posts. Create your content now to be posted automatically later.
  • Role-based notifications driven by social page activities.
  • Manage multiple social sites through one application.
  • Manage and track engagement and customer communications.
  • Flag and manage all social based customer concerns.

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