Marketing Management 

Create, manage and archive your social, digital and traditional advertising. By efficiently coordinating processes, content and compliance in one place, our clients are able to Market with Confidence.

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Compliance Made Simple

Social Assurance’s features allow financial brands to overcome compliance related hurdles associated with FINRA, SEC, FFIEC, CFPB, the Dodd-Frank Act and others.

Simplify Social Media

Determining the strategy, channels and content to reach your community can be challenging. Social Assurance makes these challenges easier by allowing for custom roles, content, monitoring, reports and more.

Marketing Activity in One Place

Through our marketing binder feature, your team can manage all your marketing materials in one place, allowing you to reference past materials, collaborate and archive for auditing purposes. Want to translate a print piece to social media posts? Easily access it from the binder without leaving the Social Assurance platform.

Connect Multiple Pages

Our software allows you to not only connect different platforms, but also multiple pages for each platform. If you run separate pages for different business divisions, individual pages advisors and leaders, etc., it’s easy to manage and archive content, conversations and more.

Monitor Your Mentions

Use our platform to monitor the web and social media platforms for your brand’s mentions. Once you receive a mention on social media, you can manage, respond to and assign these notifications and mentions all within our platform. Get started with web alerts by tracking key terms — like your financial institution’s name.

Content Library Access

All off our software partners have access to a library of broad content — including thought leadership, financial news and lifestyle posts — that you can tailor to your institution’s needs. Our content library is updated weekly, allowing you to access new posts as soon as they’re available.


Our dynamic on-demand reporting means you can easily audit and review individual activities and campaigns. When you track content with our custom labels, you can filter by post type, allowing you to only access specific content topics.

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