Streamlining Marketing & Compliance

Streamlining Marketing & Compliance

Marketing & Compliance Processes on Social Media

Creating a streamlined approval process for campaigns, marketing channels and deadline targeting can be a challenge for financial marketers when coordinating marketing and compliance approvals. However, with the right management tools and processes, organizations can implement efficient and expedited approval processes that simplify the process for both marketing and compliance.

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Creating a Workflow

#1. Improves Reporting

#3. Reduces Rouge Messaging

#2. Improves Accuracy

Types of Monitoring

#1. Keywords

#2. Direct Mentions

Utilizing User Roles

#1. Brings Your Team Together

#2. Secures verification

5 Components of a Social Media Policy

#1. Employee Usage – creating roles

#2. The In’s and Out’s – who is posting and what they are posting

#3. Workflow – monitoring and responding to posts

#4. Compliance

#5. Reporting and Monitoring

Streamlining Marketing and Compliance

Social Assurance Co-founder, Ben Pankonin and Marketing Specialist, Becky Voss sat down to discuss the recent changes Facebook has made and how they can impact your need for a compliant and impactful social strategy. Learn how your marketing and compliance teams can work together to streamline social processes.

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