Marketers, “Don’t Shoot Your Eye Out”, But get Social Media You Want for Christmas

Many financial institutions look at social media in the same way Ralphie’s mom saw that Daisy Red Ryder BB Guy in The Christmas Story. Marketing departments are attempting to sell the opportunities of shooting bad guys off the rooftops, but need to make sure all departments are on the same page.

Your company wants more customers, not a sharpshooter protecting the home from artificial bandits.

So this Christmas Season, when you ask for tools to protect the house, consider how social media improves your company objectives.

  • Compare Social to your other advertising means. Be specific, detail how many impressions you get in the newspaper, radio, etc.
  • Address customer-service roles for traditional platforms. That is, how do you receive customer service requests today in-person or on the phone? Do these allow you to gain more customers by implementing well?
  • How do you target? Generally it is advised that your traditional means involve some demographic targeting. Have you looked at how you might target with Facebook?
  • When asked, can you describe the demographics on Facebook in your market? If you are selling your employer on being more engaged on Facebook, don’t stall when they tell you their demographic isn’t represented. Ask for the demographic and pull it up on Facebook.
  • Know the risks. Marketers now have more roles to play in reducing the risk than ever before. Monitoring, responding and reporting often fall in-part to marketers. Keep up with the regulations including the new FFIEC guidance, FINRA, SOX, etc

Hopefully this helps you get the engagement you want for Christmas, but more-specifically, I hope it gives you a chance to know exactly what you are asking for. And remember, the best marketing is just a little dangerous, but you won’t shoot your eye out.

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