Don’t Let your Social Media Melt!


As the weather turns warmer and the last remnants of snow begin to melt away, heat up your social media content as well will these great tips and reminders:

Promote Engagement– You may have had an outpouring of social media activity around the holidays, but as they fade away social media activity can tend to do the same. Your bank still has great activities and events happening year-round, so highlight those! Some post and contest ideas include: New Years resolutions from your employees, recognizing community events and daily community life

Remember the Content Library– For days that you’re lacking ideas and community events aren’t spilling over; head over to the content library. You’ll find posts ranging from money saving tips, retirement checklists, and slice of life articles. Use the content library to keep your users engaged and in your brand!

Stay prepared- Look ahead in your content schedule and make sure you have content prepared and planned for the upcoming days or week. Finding content is made more difficult when you’re in a rush searching for the perfect article or image. Spend a little extra time scheduling relevant content to help your business stay visible on social media and keep followers engaged.

So how exactly do you implement these ideas? Check out some of our post and contest ideas:

Small Business Shout outs– As a small business yourself you value the core ideas and morals that build a small business. Take the time each week to put the spotlight on another small business in your community and recognize what makes them great. Show your customers and community that you appreciate their business and value their involvement in the community.

New Years Resolutions– Give your followers a better chance to connect with your employees. Try a weekly feature on a specific employee and see what their New Years Resolution was and how their sticking with it. Not only will this allow for your followers to learn a bit more about your employees, it can also give your employees an extra incentive to keep up with their goals!

Promote Community Events– Is your bank a sponsor for local events or charities? Shine the spotlight on upcoming events to show your involvement and increase community participation.

Who’s Your Valentine? – With February approaching have your employee’s make their own Valentines! Whether they make one for their significant other, pet, or even favorite snack, feature the valentines on your social media. You could even create a contest and have your followers vote for the most creative Valentine. No matter what you do, spread the love!

Be Visual– Photos are a great way to show a slice of life in your community or in your business. Take photos of everyday employee culture or have your employees snap a picture of the sunrise on their way to work. Let your followers know how your bank and the employees spend their day working to better the community!

Stay Social Media Savvy– Don’t feel that you need to reinvent the wheel! Take advantage of already-existing social media hashtags like Throwback Thursday or Transformation Tuesday. Use old photos and show off how far your bank has come or how much the community has grown and improve interaction with your followers. You may be surprised how many great memories come up with the photos!

Employee Shout outs– Do you have an employee that has been with your bank for more than 25 years? Maybe a new teller? Let your social media followers know! Take a day out of the week to call to attention your awesome employees and all that they do for your business and community. Feature a photo of the employee, information including their years of service and favorite things about the bank, and maybe a favorite memory or memorable personal fact. Let your followers connect to your employees further than their visits to the bank!

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