Why have a social campaign?

Build Brand Awareness

Get people talking about your brand and the exciting ways you interact with your audiences.

Enhance Social Engagement

Gain new followers and expand your audience through the high rates of reach and engagement and that a social campaign fosters.

Connect with the Community

Let your followers participate in the different ways you give back to the community.

Share Brand Culture

Campaigns are a fun and easy way to let followers know what you stand for and how you have fun!

Setting up a social campaign:

Define your goals

What is the purpose of the campaign? What are the desired campaign results and accomplishments (i.e. brand recognition, social following, etc)?


Choose a campaign that will reach the target audience and encourage engagement. What will motivate them to participate?  Make it worth their time with prizes or charitable donations that appeal to the entire audience.

Create your campaign

Build a checklist to ensure appropriate planning and maximizing the effectiveness of a social campaign. The strategy and checklist should cover; goals and KPIs, entry requirements, timeline, terms and conditions, landing pages, content schedule, winner selection and post campaign analysis.

Set KPI'S and Monitor

Determine your campaign ROI objectives in the planning stages. Use those to build KPIs to monitor throughout the campaign to ensure success. Establish a Plan B and C track (alternative content, images, PPC) to implement if Plan A performance is not trending on target for your campaign objectives.

Types of Campaigns


Entry generally occurs through engagement with a single post such as like or comment. Produces a high volume of reach and is simple to monitor and manage.

Question & Answer

Built around asking a question that appeals to a wide audience. Entry is completed by responding in the comments with winners randomly selected. This can also be made fun with a twist to caption a photo.

Photo Contest

Participants submit photos through a campaign landing page. It can be run internally, with employees or externally, open to the public. Break it into two parts with photo entry and voting periods.

Scavenger Hunt

Encourages active participation by creating tasks around your community or hiding elements to find. This often involves driving people to your branch locations.

Charity Donation

Each engagement (like, comment, or share) equals $1 donated to a local charity or organization. This is a great way to allow other be involved with giving back to the community!

Content-Only Drive

A series of posts that focus on the promotion of an event or special day. This type of campaign usually highlights employees, community leaders or events. It is a great way to share your brand culture!


Building a social campaign takes much more than a single post. This Social Assurance webinar touches on many successful elements of a effective social campaign.  From building your strategy and designing your campaign to evaluating it’s overall impact, this one is worth a listen for anyone looking to start or improve their social campaign game.



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