Photo or it didn't happen.

Adopting the “photo or it didn’t happen” mentality ensures that moments won’t go to waste. Help your team gather great content and capture the moments you need to tell a story.

Building Your Brand with Images and Video

Get into a creative mindset as you listen to this webinar where we discussed tips and tricks on successfully creating engaging visual social content for your brand.

Content Creation Takeaway Sheet

Download this PDF that covers the key takeaways for creating and capturing content for social. This is a great resource to share with your team!

Capturing Events Checklist

Behind-the-Scenes Photo

Think about how you can share more about your event from different perspective. Your fans are interested in what’s going on before and after the event. This helps generate excitement and provides a behind-the-scenes look that your attendees don’t see.

Photo with Event Logo

Let your followers know who you were supporting or working with at an event! It never hurts to get your logo in the shot as well. An image of your staff wearing branded t-shirts while standing in front of an event sign is a great shot to start with.

Different Photo Orientations

Make sure to capture a variety of landscape (hold your phone or camera horizontally) and portrait (hold your phone or camera vertically) oriented photos!

Staff Group Photo

People love seeing faces so highlight yours! Gather your staff at an event or in front of a promotion at your branch to take a group photo. Don’t hesitate to have fun with it! Be sure to have your employees sign photo release forms.

Lights, Camera, Action

Try to take at least one video clip! It can be a small clip of something happening, a time-lapse video of the event running or even a boomerang! Try to keep videos at 60 seconds or less for social sharing.

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