Proposed CRA Changes: Leveraging Service to Your Advantage

Alexander Lahargoue, Author at Social Assurance

Proposed CRA Changes: What You Need to Know

The long-anticipated proposed amendments to the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) have finally been released! Significant changes are in store for financial brands and a quick preview is available in the joint statement released by the FDIC and OCC. These proposed rules enable the compliance framework to catch up to technological trends and help banks better


Inaugural Flyover Fintech Conference Summary

This week, the inaugural Flyover Fintech conference was held at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s Nebraska Innovation Campus. The goal of this conference was to bring together entrepreneurial innovators, financial services leaders and key policymakers to the center of everything fintech. The idea for Flyover Fintech was put together by two friends, Don’t Panic Lab’s Bill


Three Ways to Grow Your Sales as a Loan Officer

As a financial loan officer, utilizing social media as a tool in your sales funnel can be both challenging and rewarding. The financial industry is competitive, and your customers’ attention spans are shorter than ever, so it’s important to cut through the noise to reach and sell to your communities. This requires smart thinking and


Five Terms Every Bank Marketing Manager Needs to Know

Remarketing, A/B testing, PPC – it seems every day there’s a new marketing term to catch up on. It’s important that bank marketing managers are familiar with common marketing jargon so they can not only better understand how to reach customers, but also use modern tactics to help their campaigns succeed. We’ve covered five key


Five Reminders to Help Your Financial Brand Grow on Twitter

While what’s trending on Twitter usually makes great social conversations, it can be tough for financials brands to break through the noise and grow a loyal following. As this social network relies heavily on user to user interactions, it can be challenging to generate content while simultaneously connecting with followers. However, Twitter is a great


School’s in Session: Marketing to Generation Z

Generation Z — those born after 1996 — are an emerging demographic that needs to be a growing part of your financial institution’s marketing plans. This generation isn’t just Millennials 2.0 – they come with their own culture, customs and sometimes own language. Knowing this, it’s important to develop your marketing and messaging tactics to reach