Top 10 Compliance Questions to Ask Before Scheduling a Social Ad

Advertising on social networks is a superb way for financial brands to reach a specific demographic through audience targeting. From geolocations to personal interests, social advertising can help funnel your message to your specific target and maximize your advertising investment. As each financial institution crafts their social ad campaigns, asking themselves these ten social advertising questions will help steer them in the right compliance direction.

  • Are we using CRA compliant audience targeting?
  • Are we targeting based on demographics? Does that represent our whole target market area?
  • Do we have diversity represented in our advertisements?
  • Are these advertisements DDA products or lending products?
  • Is a disclosure represented in a graphic or text?
  • Where are full disclosures displayed and placed?
  • How will potential customer complaints be managed on ad engagement?
  • If uploading an email list, how does in affect our existing privacy policies?
  • How will ad variance be archived and stored?
  • Do we have a clear reporting plan? How are you going to track who you targeted to and results?


Learn more about crafting social Ad Targeting and maintaining compliance from the  Social Assurance Social Ad Targeting and Compliance webinar from November 2017.

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