5 reasons to add Instagram to your marketing toolkit

Instagram is my favorite social media channel. I’m a wannabe travel addict, so I fulfill my wanderlust longings vicariously through the gorgeous travel accounts I find on Instagram. From Australia to Amsterdam, I follow accounts showing me their beautiful corner of the world: 


But travel photos are not the only reason I love Instagram. Puppies and cute babies and home decor top my favorite accounts as well. But along with all the gorgeous photos that fill my Instagram feed, an occasional ad will show up.

And do you know what I do when I see those ads? I click on them. I don’t do that on any other social channel. I think the promotions that run on Instagram are much more tailored to my interests. I’ll download an app from the app store. I’ll sign up for a newsletter. I take action on ads in Instagram.

And now is the perfect time for businesses to capitalize on the success of this growing channel. With millennials occupying the majority of the 400 million daily Instagram users, banks and credit unions will want to establish a healthy presence on this channel to secure trust with this valuable demographic.

So here’s why you should add this channel to your marketing toolkit:

  1. It’s visually engaging. Instagram prides itself on selling “visual”, as every post leads with a visual element. Unlike other social channels, the content of the reason for the post is secondary to the post itself. You are able to showcase your brand on a completely different level.
  2. Millennials love it. Instagram is quickly growing, and for the moment, the millennials are occupying the majority of users. As bank marketers, if this is a demographic you want to reach, it’s best to go where they already are.
  3. Your local competitors aren’t established here yet. You can be the first one to build your brand on this platform. It is likely that nearby competitors haven’t adopted this channel yet. You may as well get a jump start on the competition.
  4. You have a story to share. Every financial institution has a story to tell. Now, you can make it a visual one. With customers using you for major life moments (weddings, first automobiles, and home purchases), telling your story with pictures can be simple and engaging.
  5. You have products to sell. Not only will brand-building be important, but the advertising network on Instagram is a great way to target your potential customers and get them to purchase your products. From promoted posts to Instagram Stories, there is always a new way to engage your customers for lead generation.

If you’re looking to get started on Instagram, or want to improve your engagement, we’re hosting a webinar this week!

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