Software Developer

Software Developer

Software Developer

Social Assurance is a software company based in Lincoln that specializes in marketing software. Working with clients in every state, Social Assurance’s software helps marketers to market with confidence through our suite of tools, analytics and services.

A great engineer here:

  • Interested in solving challenging business problems with elegant software
  • Excited to contribute with a growing team
  • Well-versed in software engineering principles and system design
  • A top-notch developer who enjoys building software products and quickly seeing how they work in the real world
  • Someone who enjoys working on a team of inspired, interesting and super-smart engineers

We Believe:

  • Culture is critical to our success
  • Teams require humility for growth
  • Having fun and working are not mutually exclusive
  • Agile development is the best way to understand critical customer needs

What you would do:

  • Work on everything from backend, user-interface, and web services. You’ll design, code, test and run the systems
  • Solve complex and challenging business problems
  • Innovate by understanding customer needs
  • Explore new technologies and have fun finding the best tools.


  • Excellent coding and design skills. You make software that works and can be tested and maintained
    2-4 years’ experience
  • Experience in programming languages such as Ruby, Python, .Net, C#, Javascript, We know that great engineers learn quickly, regardless of stack.
  • SQL proficiency