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Social Assurance provides archival, reporting, workflows and role-based permissions, complying with FINRA, FFIEC, FDIC, NCUA, SOX, GLBA,  and other financial regulations.

The risks to your brand are great, but Social Assurance makes staying on top of your social mentions, alerts, status updates and moderating messaging a simple process.


Don’t let security and user-authentication remain in the hands of major social media sites. Social Assurance gives you the power to set user-level permissions for social media, incoming, and outgoing messaging.


Approving messages before they are posted, flagging messages for complaints, and analysis is a process that does not have to be tedious.


Social Assurance monitoring helps you to see what is coming and how to respond quickly.

Policy Development

Wondering how to setup your policies and procedures to run past your board? Social Assurance has the policies to keep you covered as well as the training resources for good procedures.


Creating an audit-trail for social media is difficult. Our automated reports include activities, complaints, engagements and analytics to give your organization just what you need to stay compliant and provide meaningful feedback to the board.