Command Center

Command Center

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Social Assurance provides your financial institution the right tools to manage social with a well equipped staff and compete against the largest financial institutions. Our streamlined tools help your team delegate tasks, assign roles, and build a dynamic social presence.

Take control of opportunities.

Social Assurance gives your team the ability to delegate and distribute responsibilities across your organization. Social Media is no longer confined to a single department. Capturing new cross-selling opportunities and assigning responsibilities for customer service require cooperation across teams and departments. We do all this while keeping compliant workflows for your financial institution.

Partner before a crisis.

Social Media is a phenomenal way to extend good communication during a crisis, but working with a company prior to a crisis can help your institution manage social media smoothly with the trust of your customers. Simple tools with pre-built templates for crisis management will help your teams to manage social easily whether you have a single complaint or a social media firestorm that went viral.

Tools in One Location

With tools to monitor mentions, engagement, and drive traction, you don’t have to pick 10 different tools to build a command center. Our compliant solution allows your financial institution to streamline digital and social media into one location.

We’ve got your back

Our teams have managed institutions closed for forrest fires, blizzards, floods and more. We know what it takes to maintain trust and handle any circumstance. We prefer to craft responses prior to crisis, but we have the expertise for crafting mid-crisis reports to help your business in the midst of issues.