Are you the Smartest Person in the Room?

Chances are good you know your business well and want to project the image that you know what you are talking about. So how do you avoid coming across as the smartest person in the room, even when you might be. Here are a few tips to help your social messages establish credibility while not […]

The Traffic Controllers of Social Media

Often overlooked amongst the writers and strategists of social media are the air traffic controllers; your very own Chief Compliance Officers. The role of a compliance officer is becoming more complex as Social Media dramatically increases the amount of messaging to be approved. This is the equivalent of forcing the traffic of O’Hare International Airport […]

The Risks of Not Engaging

The most common question asked in regulated industries about social media is, “What are the risks in using social media?” This is a question that needs to be addressed through layers of security, monitoring, moderating of messages and archiving, but it is also worth asking the reverse: “What are the risks to not engaging in […]

Sales and Marketing Divide

One of the biggest tragedies I continue to see in businesses is the divide between sales and marketing. Almost every company I have worked in or consulted with struggles with this tension. Not only does it create frustrations and typically turf wars, it simply reduces the chances of being effective. Social media by nature has begun to […]