A Social Holiday Season

The holiday season has brought difficulty for marketers for generations as the US culture becomes more diverse. How does your social media reflect your beliefs? And should it? Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are working with your social media presence during the holidays. Give us a window. If you are […]

The Social Elevator

Everyone has heard the elevator pitch… the famous sales-goal of generating an easy pitch to make sure your customers know who you are quickly in the time it takes an elevator to reach your floor. But what happens when things get weird? You know the conversation. When the other person in the elevator initiates the conversation […]

Sharks in the Water

The perception for many executives in financial services firms is that once tweets are posted, they sit like fake seals being drug behind a boat in shark-invested waters. Shark week does not pose an adequate analogy, but does gives us a good opportunity to ask the question, “What are the real dangers and where do […]

What are the Demographics?

Searching for the right method to reach investors… is social media a good idea? The key question many investment advisors are asking is: “How do I bring on assets when social media is targeted to the younger crowd?” It’s impossible and unfair to disagree with the fundamentals of the question. Firms know the clients that […]