Why Social Media Needs to be Integrated in a Disaster Recovery Plan

Southwest Airlines faced every businesses worst fear yesterday, their systems crashed. Not just for a little bit, but for hours and hours. Passengers were left stranded with nothing to do but sit on their phones, pout and voice their frustrations on social media. However, Southwest stepped up and used social networks to communicate with their […]


Banking on Pokemon

It began with a soft launch, very few people were paying attention. My wife and I were taking our usual walk at the local park near our house a week ago, noticing an abnormal amount of nerds looking at their phones while walking. These were not the normal tennis-shoe-wearing, Under-Armour-sporting joggers. We couldn’t figure out what they […]

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One of These Millennials Is Not Like the Other

I get it, I really do. Millennials are known for being this young and reckless generation who have no idea how to handle their finances. I constantly see online articles talking about how millennials have no money saved for retirement or how fewer millennials have bank accounts compared to previous generations. Just because this is […]


#BankSocial a First Year for Everyone

It’s rare that in our industry we experience a lot of firsts. We quickly forget how exhilarating it is to experiment. But this year my friend, John Siracusa tried. His vision to bring together banks and credit unions to talk about the challenges we face worked. For those of you at home, here is a little […]