What Can Small FI’s learn from “Dumb Starbucks”

This past week in Southern California, a clever storeowner decided to open a coffee shop to compete with Starbucks, calling it “Dumb Starbucks.” While social media sites were amused and people approaching the store were confused of its intent, “Dumb Starbucks” has a lot to teach many of us about branding (and a little about […]


It’s Time to Stop Reading the Teleprompter

This time of year is filled with lists. You see titles such as, “what changed in social media in 2013″or “what to look for in 2014″. The reality is that many financial institutions are not paying attention to change. They are simply reading the teleprompter, like Will Ferrel’s character Ron Burgandy reading any word that the […]


FFIEC Final Guidance on Social Media

Since the preliminary guidance was released in January of 2013, Banks, Credit Unions and the third-parties who support them have been waiting for final guidance. “The Guidance do not contain exceptions regarding the use of social media” but helps to convey the applicability of existing laws, regulations and policies that pertain to financial institutions.  As […]


Big Boxes, Why They Don’t Matter to You

This holiday season most of the blogs you read will talk about how the big guys do it. What’s Wal-mart, Target or Best Buy doing to market. How is it different for the rest of us… how is it different in financial services where we are focused on building trust and long-term relationships? When I […]