It’s Not Apple That Will Kill You

I get the opportunity to be part of quite a few financial conferences year-round. Every conference addresses the area of competing against the “non-regulated institutions”. I continue to see Powerpoint presentations with Apple’s logo as a threat to banks, credit unions and even investement firms. I see mobile apps that will be your next financial advisor and kiosks […]


New Digs for Social Assurance

The Social Assurance team has a new home. We’ve thrown some paint on the walls, bought some “assembly-required” furniture from everyone’s favorite Scandanavian furniture store, and settled in quite nicely over the last few weeks. While it’s been an adjustment having our own space, we’re thrilled to be here. Previously, we officed in the Haymarket, […]


Tips for Better Event Marketing

Have you ever visited a local restaurant and felt like they didn’t quite have it all together? Perhaps they had menu items that didn’t fit the brand. Or perhaps it was the weird decor, colors or too much noise in a sit-down restaurant. The same things that make our experiences in a restaurant either wonderful […]