Tips for Better Event Marketing

Have you ever visited a local restaurant and felt like they didn’t quite have it all together? Perhaps they had menu items that didn’t fit the brand. Or perhaps it was the weird decor, colors or too much noise in a sit-down restaurant. The same things that make our experiences in a restaurant either wonderful […]


Making Social Media More Social

When I say “summer,” you say… “Snapchat”? While this is undoubtedly true for millennials documenting their summer vacation moment-by-moment through the mobile application, it’s not all the same for the GenX, entrepreneur-CEO-business leaders. Snapchat may not be the first thought that comes to mind, no matter the generation, when summer vacation is the topic. For […]


What does graduation mean for your financial institution?

Graduation season is upon us. Itchy gowns, uncomfortable mortarboards, and seemingly endless graduation parties. Whether graduating from college or high school, students are facing a plethora of financial decisions and looking for guidance, good advice, and a welcoming financial institution. Let’s take a look back to my graduation parties. Growing up I received an unending […]


“Life” at Fiserv Spring Forum

With 4,000 in attendance at this year’s Fiserv Forum, “Life” seemed to be an appropriate theme. The theme was captured best through social media with the thoughts of my fellow attendees. From the opening sequence to the closing breakout sessions, bankers were energized to share how technology changes life and banking. Opening sequence #fiservforum was […]