Giving Thanks with Your Brand

One of the most important aspects of navigating a social brand (and life) is learning how to say thanks and mean it.  I work with financial marketers, many of whom understand the importance of a thank you and I think Thanksgiving gives us an excellent reminder of just how important saying thank you is. I call […]


Getting the Most Out of Your Conference

It’s conference season for many of us in Financial Services and whether you are headed to your state conference or a multinational conference, you can get more out of it with social media. Here are a few tips from Social Assurance: No more Egg Profiles. It’s ok, we realize that many conference goers use Twitter […]


Marketing by Testing

Many financial marketers head to conferences to learn the changing needs of financial services and how to appeal to a larger customer-base. One of the things I will be sharing at the ABA conference in Orlando is how to test with your customers. Digital marketing allows us to implement testing in a way that was simply […]