Opening Day: 10 Brand Mistakes to Avoid When Launching on Social Media

Social Assurance

Building Authentic Engagment

It’s time to put the local into social! You may have read recently that Facebook is implementing a new system of pushing posts that will generate conversations and meaningful interactions between people to the top of feeds while distributing less content created by businesses and brands. Whenever we consider a change made by a for-profit


The Community Bank: Step Three – Donations

A guide on building your relationships and growing engagement with customers The community bank series continues! Building upon what was already outlined with sponsorships and events, the next step towards further solidifying your position in the community comes in the form of donations. The first two posts covered areas that were mainly static – something


The Community Bank: Step Two – Events

A guide on building your relationships and growing engagement with your customers Establishing yourself as the community bank is a process. It requires investment, commitment and dedication to building relationships and growing trust with your customers. While it is not necessarily quick – it is effective. Especially when the financial industry is facing ever going


Unpacking, Redecorating and Revamping

Social Assurance is always striving to be a mover and shaker within the community and although each week offers its dose of excitement, it’s been pretty exciting around here as we embarked on new opportunities and celebrated milestones. Our New Office We moved into our new office space, and are now located in the heart


Communicating during natural disasters

The path of destruction that Hurricane Harvey has left over the past week has left many homeless, numerous feeling helpless and others stepping up as heroes. For many businesses including brokers, banks, and any financial market, closing during inclement weather is not an option. But how do you make a bad situation positive? Social media


Profile photo update

Facebook recently updated their platform to improve the readability of the comments section. As a part of the redesign, profile photos are now circular. The update is being released in roll out fashion, so there’s no specific time on when the transition will take place. For individuals who have headshots as their profile photos, this