The ‘Big Guys’ Don’t Always Win

This year more Americans watched the World Cup being held in Brazil than ever before. Perhaps because it was in a Western timezone or because we believed that we could win. But the thing that has many Americans baffled by this game of soccer is how the biggest countries with the most population and resources […]


Apple and Banking, Fear This

Industry experts love to create fear by comparing well-loved brands like Apple to the industry they have. In the past few months I have heard conference speakers theorize about Apple entering markets from food production to healthcare and of course, financial services. Are these fears realistic? What makes Apple a great company is not that they enter markets and […]


Happy, Not the Only Goal in Social

This week McDonald’s showed us just a little of the obsession that brands face in trying to make customers “Happy”. The announcement of “Happy”, McDonald’s new nutritious mascot, is just one of the ways that brands are falling over themselves trying to be perceived as happy. The American culture does have an affection with being Happy. […]