#BankSocial a First Year for Everyone

It’s rare that in our industry we experience a lot of firsts. We quickly forget how exhilarating it is to experiment. But this year my friend, John Siracusa tried. His vision to bring together banks and credit unions to talk about the challenges we face worked. For those of you at home, here is a little […]

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Winning millennials: a tale of loyalty and convenience

Around the corner from our office sits a quaint little cafe. With daily deal specials and a wonderful salad bar with all the fixins’, business is steady. Despite the delicious food and soup, some days I pass right on by and head to another local eatery. Why? Because our quaint little shop operates solely on […]


Super Financial Ads: Learn from Huge Ad Budgets

Today you will see plenty of ads for beer, Doritos and yes, financial companies. Wait, Financial Companies? Why? Their marketing budgets have determined that now is the time to strike, to get consumers to shift. So how do you compete without dropping a few million dollars on a 30 second ad? Learn from their marketing budgets and […]


It’s Not Apple That Will Kill You

I get the opportunity to be part of quite a few financial conferences year-round. Every conference addresses the area of competing against the “non-regulated institutions”. I continue to see Powerpoint presentations with Apple’s logo as a threat to banks, credit unions and even investement firms. I see mobile apps that will be your next financial advisor and kiosks […]