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Profile photo update

Facebook recently updated their platform to improve the readability of the comments section. As a part of the redesign, profile photos are now circular. The update is being released in roll out fashion, so there’s no specific time on when the transition will take place. For individuals who have headshots as their profile photos, this […]

Learning from a public relations disaster

Public relations disasters are nothing new. However, thanks to social media, there are more avenues than ever to amplify any potential disaster. But with a proper crisis plan in place, speedy attention to the issue, any brand can manage these concerns, including those of you who work in the financial industry. Whenever a public relations disaster […]

New Digs for Social Assurance

The Social Assurance team has a new home. We’ve thrown some paint on the walls, bought some “assembly-required” furniture from everyone’s favorite Scandanavian furniture store, and settled in quite nicely over the last few weeks. While it’s been an adjustment having our own space, we’re thrilled to be here. Previously, we officed in the Haymarket, […]