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When I say “summer,” you say… “Snapchat”? While this is undoubtedly true for millennials documenting their summer vacation moment-by-moment through the mobile application, it’s not all the same for the GenX, entrepreneur-CEO-business leaders. Snapchat may not be the first thought that comes to mind, no matter the generation, when summer vacation is the topic. For many, summer vacation means lake outings, long weekends, fun in the sun, traveling with friends, backpacking Europe, or if you’re lucky… Uncle Mark’s baked beans at the family reunion.

As part of building your personal brand, whether for an organization, product, or person, social media is one of the most important tactics to increase awareness and build a tangible personality. Want to build a relationship with your audience and consumers? Show them a relatable, personal side. Plan a social media takeover for an organization’s account and document employee’s weekend trips to the lake or other attractions. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook followers appreciate and relate to interesting, genuine, and personal content. A simple post.

An issue often found with corporate social media accounts is generic content. Capturing the fun-loving side of your business can be as easy as taking the perfect photo of your event or activity. A singular photo or group shot doesn’t curate nearly as much interest as an action shot, a snap of interaction at the event or in the office, or even a beautiful shot of local scenery. Give your followers something to relate to! So while traveling this summer, instead of a generic group photo, try to capture the atmosphere surrounding the event. If you’re at a lake, snap a photo of a dog playing in the water; a group enjoying an activity, or even the tasty food offered at the event. In the case of social media, candid shots are winners!

After you’ve snapped the perfect shot the next hurdle comes with the caption. Curating engaging content can be tough. A great tip to remember is that social media is essentially a conversation with your followers and fans. Treat your posts like a conversation with a friend. Seems simple enough, eh? Find the voice of your business and turn your corporate account into an extension of your brand image.

Think back to a lesson learned in middle school; “show don’t tell”. Through your content, show your audience how your company outings and activities are a great experience. Keep in mind that your social media accounts should have a voice and tone that welcomes fans and followers into interacting with posts and content. Social media interaction can be boosted incredibly when content has a tone that reflects your brand (with a little more energy thrown in).

All in all, let your brand breathe. Give it character. It’s amazing how social media can change our world with the click of a favorite or like button. Successful social media tactics come from taking the time to actually create content, rather than simply throwing words and images out at your followers and fans. What better time to start developing a voice and content for your organization than during the summer months? Take advantage of outdoor activities and events and give your followers an opportunity to relate and engage with your brand. Document real life experiences and real individuals and create a positive (and relatable) image for your business!

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