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We are all-to-familiar this time of year with our personal analytics after holiday dining. At my house, being married to a dietitian, we talk about analytics quite a lot. But what happens when it isn’t so personal, it’s marketing. How does consistency affect your social marketing analytics?

“The single biggest factor to failure in social media is lack of consistent participation.”

Social Assurance tracks thousands of financial Facebook pages and the single common denominator differentiating those who are not gaining momentum from those who have some degree of success is consistent posting.

So how do you change your social marketing diet for 2013?

Start with the fruits and vegetables. Sometimes success means eating the things you don’t want to. Fill up your content calendar with planned out campaigns first before you head for the fun-to-post desserts. And yes, if you need to make it visually appealing regardless of content.

Plan for left-overs. When you are posting new content it is often helpful to make sure you have additional posts. Save a few in drafts or utilize our suggested content for that time when you don’t know what to post.

Avoid the flashy signs. When you go the grocery store, you are bombarded with flashy signs directing you to the high-margin items. In social media, your inbox can be filled with marketing telling you how to develop social media sites and tools that are not relevant to your customer base.

Shop in your section. If you moved into marketing for a bank or brokerage, you might need to start shopping in different sections of the supermarket to stay healthy. The principals of social media marketing are the same across the board, but in this market we need to understand the right content and the right context.

Take an honest approach.  If you are getting a large amount of negative comments, take it seriously. This might not be a social media problem. Social media may have produced a way for your customers to be honest with you. The good social media marketers understand that this may involve communicating the problem to other departments for improvement, perhaps the call-center, teller manager or underwriter.

So for 2013, make sure your social media plan includes the resources you need to accomplish your goals.

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