Skyfall and Social Media


Can the biggest status symbol ever teach marketers about updating a status?

This year the first James Bond of the social media generation hit the box office. Skyfall shocked Hollywood by maintaining the top spot at the box office after 5 weeks and may be the first Bond to hit $1 Billion. Marketing finance can learn from this icon.


James Bond improves his follower’s status in a way that other movies do not.

Fans of James Bond share because they want to be associated with him in a way that promoting a Hobbit or Vampire cannot. Sharing about viewing the latest Bond movie helps followers identify with the persona Bond embraces, even if they disagree with some of his morality, they embrace the status icon. Fans want to drive his car, wear his suit and drink a Martini… all with a girl on their arm.

What do social media strategists learn from Bond?

If you are creating a social media campaign, you must create an event that elevates status. It does not have to encourage killing thugs and sleeping with women. In fact, it may elevate status far more to be associated with philanthropic efforts and social well-being. We know that social campaigns work best when your target market wants to share. Even above giveaways, people like to talk about things that elevate their own status, even if it is through giving. Our customers are seeing increased engagement through the holidays by capitalizing on the events that people want to share.

The best investment advisors I know use this strategy in person and more are learning to do it online. They help you to know that not only are you privileged to have them manage your money, but the mere fact that you are their client is a status symbol.

Focus on creating campaigns and branding around things that elevate your customer’s status, and they will share.

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