The Social Elevator


Everyone has heard the elevator pitch… the famous sales-goal of generating an easy pitch to make sure your customers know who you are quickly in the time it takes an elevator to reach your floor.

But what happens when things get weird?

You know the conversation. When the other person in the elevator initiates the conversation and they don’t talk about the standard news, weather or sports that allow for easy conversation, they talk about something that upsets them, or something that makes you uneasy.

Your social media has to learn how to address these challenges everyday. That’s right, the measure of truly brilliant social media management can handle an elevator conversation even when it gets weird. When someone posts that they are frustrated, unhappy and need assistance, this isn’t the time to simply wish them a good day and hope the elevator closes. This is the time when you need an advanced response and connect them offline.

Consider how to address these situations before they happen. If you are working in a team, you need policies to know who will respond, how to automate your approvals and address things quickly. Set-up rules, configure your tools so you can delegate and gain rapid replies because once that door opens and you’ve wished them a good day after a bad experience, you are both left feeling awkward.

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