The Changing Face of Social Media Security


We are coming off a week of revolutionary change in social media security policies. In the midst of a large breach of security at LinkedIn, Facebook rolled out significant upgrades to its platform to accomodate security policies.  At the same time many states are moving toward laws that prohibit employers asking for Facebook passwords. With these changes, here are a few things you need to know:

First, Social Assurance and other social media compliance solutions do not require sharing of passwords with employers. Philosophically, this presents challenges in understanding who is posting what content. If your industry does need to archive, then archiving and alerting, we achieve this without asking for passwords.

Secondly, Facebook’s security changes do help improve security, but do not help companies looking to achieve industry compliance. We are grateful that Facebook is making steps to insure the personal use of social media is not met with security objections. However, enterprises need to rely on solutions that provide a known policy and security standard outside of a public social media platform. The most notable Facebook security update is that on Android mobile devices which improves 2-factor authentication.

Lastly, as you prepare your organization’s social media policies, make sure that you address a policy insuring password changes. With an event such as the LinkedIn password leak this week, it is important to be changing personal and professional passwords to add security.

Send us a note if you have further questions about developing your social media policies without relying on the changing nature of public social media.


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