The Follower Myth


One of the most-discouraging questions I am asked on a daily basis is, “how do I get more followers?”I am amazed at how marketers focus on this metric as the reason to pursue social media strategy.

It is like saying the football team with the most first-downs wins.

True often-times first downs are linked to more time-of-possession and keeping the ball is usually helpful; however, the goal of football is to score the most points. The goal of social media should be to engage customers to be better customers, and spend more money on your products and services. Even as I was writing this post I gained a follower on Twitter, upon clicking their name I noticed they have over 16,000 followers, but haven’t tweeted in over 3 months.

Followers are easy, but developing engaged customers takes an ongoing effort, responsiveness and most-of-all value. If you are not looking to provide value to your followers, you may as well be spamming them with emails too.

If you are looking to develop your next campaign keep in mind the real statistics that drive your business. How do you identify engaged customers today?

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